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Work with Me

Are you really ready to make a significant change to your life and your health? 

If you are, I'm here for you. I only work with women who are dedicated to achieving a better, healthier life. Are you the right woman to join my program?

Take this simple quiz:

  1. Are you ready and willing to make a change to your lifestyle? Warning: this may include making significant changes in your relationships with the people in your life as well as your relationship with food.

  2. Can you view your life and your health as an experiment? Will you test solutions before saying, "this doesn't work for me?"

  3. Do you suspect that your weight is about more than just now knowing how to eat well? Do you find yourself sabotaging your own success constantly?

  4. Are you ready to make the time to do the work to get the results you want? Making lasting changes is about the process. It takes time to undo whatever you've been doing for the past however-many-years. To be successful, you must trust the process, make the time and do the work. 

  5. Are you ready to invest in YOU? By investing, I mean dedicating your time, energy and mind to creating lasting change. 


The women I work with are independent, busy, successful women. They seem to have it all. Except that their weight and health is falling apart and they can't seem to do anything about it. They've been on the weight-loss roller coaster for years and are ready to finally get off. 

If this sounds like you, schedule some time to speak with me. This is just a 15-minute phone call. I'll ask you some questions and we will decide if we're a good fit to work together. If we are, I'll invite you to apply for the full program. If we're not a good fit, we will both be better off for having spent some time connecting. 

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