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"I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt. The Women's Wellness Academy provides the tools for me to create a stronger foundation for my life. " 



Bev lost 43 pounds and regained her confidence after working with Ginny. In her own words, "my biggest hurdle was nutrition. If you've tried dieting and watched your weight go up and down, get the help you need. Talk to Ginny. It's one of the best decisions I've made."



Katz lost 50 pounds in six months. Her philosophy is do it now. "Life will always get in the way. Family will always get in the way. Work will always get in the way." There's so much you can accomplish. Learning how to work with her own limitations and strengths were the secret to her success.



"I was eating well, but my portions were too big. I was trying everything to lose weight...diets, joined the gym, running. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my metabolism.

Then I worked with Ginny. I lost 20 pounds, I'm not starving and I still have my treats. You have to make the commitment and do the work. You're worth it. Make the investment."



"I came off of my heart medication. My cholesterol went from 218 to 157. I'm off the blood pressure meds I have been taking for over 10 years. This has been my lifesaver."


This program has saved my life. Your insight, encouragement and way that you get right to the heart and share information is amazing. I've lost 60 pounds! You're changing the way I think about my life and how I fuel my body.


"I've gotten back into life! I went from a size 14 to a size 4. You have an amazing ability to remember a conversation we had 6 months ago and ask me where I am on that goal. You taught me how to change my lifestyle. I'm not on a diet all the time."


"I'm now making better food choices and my eating is much more balanced. Without focusing on losing weight, I managed to lose 15 pounds. You helped me stay focused on what I needed to do to get there."

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