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©2019 by Ginny Grabowski

Women's Wellness Academy

Live Your Healthiest Life!

The Women's Wellness Academy has been developing since 2003.


That's what I began working as a Certified Personal Trainer. It was obvious from the very beginning that my clients wanted more than a workout. They sought me out because they wanted to learn how to live an active, vibrant, healthy life. They believed they could achieve all of that by just working out 2-3 time a week.


As I incorporated nutrition advice, stress management techniques, yoga and lifestyle education into the mix of offerings, my Personal Training business grew into a store-front business called AlaskaFit. I expanded my team to 9 employees and my space to 5,000 sq. ft. 


My clients were achieving life-changing results like reducing and eliminating medications for diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, losing weight, increasing energy, sleeping better, improving their relationships, and loving life.  

In 2018 I decided to share what I did at AlaskaFit with the world. You shouldn't have to live in Anchorage, Alaska to live your best life.
Over the last year I’ve been fine-tuning the best parts of my program and creating The most powerful program for women to lose weight, regain their health and live their best life. It’s much more just fitness classes or diet plans. It is total transformation.

It’s fun and it feels fantastic!

In my 16+ years working with clients, I learned some big lessons. 

  • Transformation never happens alone. 

  • There is no single answer that will work for everyone.

  • “Miracles” happen when commitment happens.

  • The right mindset makes everything easy.

I’ve integrated every one of these lessons into the Women’s Wellness Academy™.

The Women’s Wellness Academy™ is focused 100% on you getting the results you want. It includes all of the best pieces of my program...weight loss, healthy eating and habits, stress management, mindset, how to shop for the healthiest food, fitness your way. 

This is a brand new program and It’s so powerful that I can only work with 6 women in the program. These women will see the best results I’ve ever delivered. 

And the best part is you do NOT have to live in Alaska to take part in the program! I use the internet to deliver the program and you work through it at your own pace. We get together as a group (also online) for support, direction and lessons. 

The Women's Wellness Academy™ is not for everyone. It is not a quick fix.

The Women’s Wellness Academy™ is for YOU if you are ready to:

  • Invest your time, money and energy into making a change.

  • Dig into your beliefs around your health and your weight so you can create lasting change. 

  • Be coachable. Know you don't have all of the answers, be curious about outcomes and be open to doing things differently. 

  • Show up and do the work.


Check out what some of my most successful clients have to say about working with me. 

The single, most-valuable lesson I've learned in my 16+ years of helping hundreds of women transform their lives: transformation doesn't happen alone.

Enrollment is now open in The Women’s Wellness Academy™. We begin March 9. Space is limited to 6. If you're ready to apply for the Women’s Wellness Academy™, or you’re curious to find out more, please schedule a 15-minute phone call with me to get the application process started as soon as possible. The Women’s Wellness Academy™ will sell out. Don’t miss your chance to have a seat in the Academy. 


P.S. The Women’s Wellness Academy™ begins March 9. I’m taking applications now. It begins with a phone call. Schedule yours now.