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©2019 by Ginny Grabowski

Women's Wellness Academy

Live Your Healthiest Life!

Hello Beautiful!


When was the last time you looked in the mirror, smiled and said, "Damn! I look good!" Maybe a year ago? Ten years ago? Never?


Do you avoid the mirror altogether?

Or maybe, even when you've been at your best, you've looked in the mirror and though, "Ugh! I'm still fat!"

All of the above are statements I hear from my clients at the beginning of their time with me in The Women’s Wellness Academy™

They are stuck on the roller coaster of weight gain and loss. They feel defeated and hopeless when they go shopping for clothes because their size has changed again. 

Just like you, they have tried everything to get the weight off, only to find themselves back where they started or worse off than when they started. 

And, just like you, they are confused, unsure and afraid to fail again. Because after all of this failure, something must just be wrong with them (you) and they (you) are destined to be this way forever, right?


Unfit, unhealthy and unhappy are not your destiny.

Every one of the women that I work with has tried again and again, using different weight-loss and fitness programs to make a long-term change. The problem is they have never addressed the mindset that has gotten them to where they are. And until they do (and until YOU do), long-term change won't happen.

In the sixteen plus years that I've worked with women on changing their body and their life, I've seen this same pattern again and again. The women who successfully change get there by being open to doing things in a new way. They are so exhausted by the weight-loss roller coaster that they realize something radically different has to happen for them

That's when they find me and The Women’s Wellness Academy™

Here's why it works:

The hardest part of changing our lives and our health is not the workout and it's not the food. It's the mindset that makes all of the difference. Our beliefs dictate our behavior. If your mind isn't in the right space, you will always run out of time to do your workout. You will make a healthy lunch and leave it at home. You will always struggle with losing weight and will never achieve your goals. 


In The Women’s Wellness Academy™ we align your mind with your goals. We uncover what is holding you back and why. Once we make these changes, we work together to create your best life.


This is no cookie-cutter program. Each of us is different and each of us lives a different life. Together we figure out what works best for you and then you get to enjoy all of the life-changing benefits. 


Here's what's included:

  • We work together for 6 months. Why so long? You've done quick-fixes in the past. They do not address what's really holding you back and preventing you from losing the weight, regaining your health and changing your life. In The Women's Wellness Academy, we are working on changing how you see yourself so that you can make life-long, permanent changes.

  • Connect with other women. The Women’s Wellness Academy™ is a small, intimate group of 6 women working together on their individual goals. Knowing you're not alone is one of the most important pieces of achieving your goals. You'll join others who understand what you're going through and support you all the way.

  • One-on-one coaching with me. You and I will spend time together working only on what you need. 

  • Nutrition University Education Program. Learn everything you need to know about eating well, stress management, exercise, shopping, setting up your home for success and how to handle social situations that involve food.

  • Customized workouts. Designed for you, meeting you at your current fitness level and progression designed for you and your body. 

  • Review, check-ins and progress updates. I make sure you see results from working with me throughout the program.

  • Life-changing insights into what's holding you back and overcoming obstacles so you achieve the breakthroughs in your health and your body that you've been looking for so long. 

It’s fun and it feels fantastic!

In my 16+ years working with clients, I learned some big lessons. 

  • Transformation never happens alone. 

  • There is no single answer that will work for everyone.

  • “Miracles” happen when commitment happens.

  • The right mindset makes everything easy.

I’ve integrated every one of these lessons into The Women’s Wellness Academy™.

The Women’s Wellness Academy™ is focused 100% on you getting the results you want. It includes everything you're looking for...weight loss, healthy eating and habits, stress management, mindset, how to shop for the healthiest food, fitness your way. 

This program is so powerful that I can only work with 6 women. 

You can participate in the program no matter where you live. I use the internet to deliver the program and you work through it at your own pace. We get together as a group (also online) for support, direction and lessons. 

The Women's Wellness Academy™ is not for everyone. It is not a quick fix. We will work together to create lasting change in your life. It will require you to do the work to see the results. 

The Women’s Wellness Academy™ IS for YOU if you are ready to:

  • Invest your time, money and energy into making a change.

  • Dig into your beliefs around your health and your weight so you can create lasting change. 

  • Be coachable. Know you don't have all of the answers, be curious about outcomes and be open to doing things differently. 

  • Show up and do the work.


Check out what some of my most successful clients have to say about working with me. 

The single, most-valuable lesson I've learned in my 16+ years of helping hundreds of women transform their lives: transformation doesn't happen alone.

Enrollment is now open in The Women’s Wellness Academy™. We begin in May. Space is limited to 6. If you're ready to apply for the Women’s Wellness Academy™, or you’re curious to find out more, please schedule a 15-minute phone call with me to get the application process started as soon as possible. The Women’s Wellness Academy™ will sell out. Don’t miss your chance to have a place in the Academy. 


P.S. The Women’s Wellness Academy™ begins March 9. I’m taking applications now. It begins with a phone call. Schedule yours now.