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What's the Most Valuable Lesson?

I love what I do.

I get the privilege of helping women (and a few men) rediscover who they really are. I get to use simple strategies that powerfully shift their health, their weight and I get the honor of seeing them re-engage with life. What could be better?

Today, I want to share an "insider secret" with you.

When it comes to changing you health, weight and lifestyle, there is one lesson that I repeatedly hear from my clients is "the most valuable lesson," they learn from me.

Can you guess what the lesson is?

It's not how to deadlift properly.

It's not how to stop cravings.

It's not even how to lose weight.

The most valuable lesson my clients learn is everything we put into our bodies directly affects our health, our weight, our energy and our outlook on life.

It's a simple lesson, but not an easy lesson to assimilate into our lives.

We like to think that what we eat, drink, read, watch doesn't have any effect on our bodies. Most people believe that they are genetically programmed to be fat or thin, healthy or unhealthy. That's simply not true.

Do we have some genetic predisposition? Sure.

Is there anything we can do to avoid our family health history? Absolutely!!

I like to compare out genetics to seeds in a garden. They're inside of us and waiting to be fed and watered, exposed to some sunlight and maybe even some fertilizing material to help with their growth and strength.

If you've ever had a garden (or seen one), you'll notice some gardens are well taken-care-of. They don't have any weeds, the produce grows tall and strong and produces much fruit. Some gardens are over-run with weeds, the soil is dry and compacted and nothing worthwhile seems to grow.

The same happens in your body. Can you have a gene for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, whatever? Yes. Does the seed have to grow? Not necessarily. You can also limit how quickly that seed grows if you don't give it what it needs to grow. If you're giving your body "the right stuff," healthier, disease-preventing seeds grow and overpower the "bad" seeds.

Here's the lesson.

What we put into our body causes growth or death of our body.

Yes, I'm over-simplifying, but the comparison between your body and seeds is documented in medical literature.

There are very specific foods that cause healthy cells to grow and unhealthy cells to die (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains) and very specific foods that cause unhealthy cells to flourish while healthy cells die (animal-based foods, smoked meats, dairy, eggs, processed foods).

It's a simple lesson.

It's not easy to change.

It is the most valuable lesson my clients learn from me. How can YOU learn it and implement it into your life?

Post an answer here or email me with your answer.

Cheers, Ginny

P.S. I announced the opening of The Women's Wellness Academy yesterday. Spaces are selling our quickly (I'm only taking 6 women into the program). If you're curious to know more, click here.

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