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The World's Simplest Recipe

It’s Super Bowl weekend! Whether you’re a big fan of the game or not, I have a recipe that you and your friends will love.

I’ve brought this dip to more than one gathering of friends and family and it is routinely “sold out.” I never have leftovers to bring home and everyone asks for the recipe.

If you like video recipes, click here to watch the YouTube video.

If you prefer print, here you go:

1 can of chick peas (drained) 2 TBSP vegan mayo 1 TBSP mustard

For a smooth dip: Put everything into a food processor or blender. Process until smooth.

For a chunky dip: Mash the chick peas with a fork and then mix everything together in a bowl.

If you don’t care if it’s a vegan recipe: Use regular mayo. Making this change makes it less healthy, but equally delicious.

Note: Ingredients are approximations, adjust to taste. Add additional spices if you like, make it your own.

Other options:

  • You can use avocado in place of the mayo, ditch the mustard and add some smoked paprika for a slightly different flavor.

  • Use it as a sandwich spread. Think of it as the B in a BLT.

  • Dip chips, veggies, your finger…whatever you like.

Give it a shot. Experiment with flavors. Let me know how it goes.

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