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Can You Afford NOT To?

Given what I do...helping women to manage their nutrition to lose weight, change their health outcomes and lifestyle...I often hear, "I can't afford that." To which I say...are you sure?

"I can't afford it," is an easy way of not taking responsibility for your actions. You can afford anything you CHOOSE to afford.

Here's an example. I had a client who signed up for my program when I had my studio. She took about 3 years to decide that she should join. In that time, she came to events, asked me for a pricing schedule and wanted to know if I could give her a corporate discount if she got others from her company to join with her.

In the 3-year interim, she continued to gain weight, was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had more pain in her joints from lack of moving. I can't put a price tag on her decline, but I do know that buying new (larger) clothes is expensive and even with good insurance, there's a cost to medication for high blood pressure.

When she finally decided to join, she told me that she looked at her credit card bills and realized that the lifestyle she had been living was what she couldn't afford. Upon reviewing her bills, she found out that she was spending Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. over $1,200 per month on going out to eat! It never seemed like much, but $10/day for 2 lattes (one upon arriving at the office and the second in the afternoon) was 25% of that cost! Lunches and dinners at restaurants or as take-out adds up quickly.

She could easily afford the program.

"I can't afford it," really meant, "I'm not ready."

What are you putting off?

Is it true that you can't afford it? Or is it more true that you can't afford NOT to?

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