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3 Steps to Solving Any Problem

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Ahhhh, technology. This has been an interesting week. I am my own IT department. Things generally work well until they don’t.

What does this have to do with your weight-loss and health goals?

Sometimes, what we’ve done forever stops working, right? Your weight has been stable, your health has been good and then one day, everything you’ve always done doesn’t work. Weight starts creeping up, cholesterol is a little higher, your favorite outfit doesn’t look as cute as it always has.

Like my technology problem, you need help to solve your health problems.

I had to reach out to my providers and spend many hours figuring out what was wrong. The first person I spoke with at Company A gave me information I knew wasn’t right, but had to try anyway. When that didn’t work, I called back, got a different person, tried what they suggested, still didn’t work. Then I contacted Company B to help with my two programs “talking to” each other. Made some progress, but still not fixed. Finally, I called Company A back a third time, put everything together and fixed the problem.

When things stop working, ask for help.

Most often we don’t have the expertise or knowledge to fix ourselves. Similarly, we often can’t see we’re “doing the thing wrong” because we’re “doing the thing.” An “outsider” see the bigger picture of what we’re dong and set us on the track to success. Here’s a simple 3-step process to solve all of your problems…health-related or anything else.

Step 1. Recognize the problem and decide to fix it.

I could still be rummaging around trying to sort this out. I could have patched together a work-around that would have cost me countless hours of not doing it right. I could have said, “it’s ok, it doesn’t work like it should but I’ll make do…it’s fine.” Relating this to your health, it sounds like, “I’m tired all the time, my clothes don’t fit, I’m unhappy, but I’m fine…I’ll make it work.” Recognize there’s a problem and decide you want to fix it.

Step 2. Ask for help.

Once I recognized the problem, I contacted the IT folks who could help me. I could have tried “do-it-yourself” reading articles on the internet, speaking with friends who have no IT background or just aren’t familiar with my set up. I could have stopped caring and tried something else. Instead, I saved myself countless hours of wasted work and frustration by going directly to those who could help me.

Step 3. Stay with it until you solve the problem.

As I worked on solving my technology problem, at first, it seemed like I was getting wrong answers. I wasn’t. I just didn’t have the whole picture yet. It turned out that the first person I spoke with had the answer, but I needed more information to understand how it all worked together. I kept asking questions and trying the advice until I figured out how it worked.

Did I spend a lot of time on this? Yes.

Did I get frustrated? Yes.

Did I consider that it was un-fix-able? Yes.

Did I solve my problem? YES!

You have a goal for your health, wellness and weight.

Follow the 3 steps:

  1. Recognize the problem and decide to fix it.

  2. Ask for help.

  3. Stay with it until you solve the problem.

Will you spend time on this? Yes.

Will you get frustrated? Yes.

Will you stay on track until your problem is solved? Yes.

The Women’s Wellness Academy is now taking applications for enrollment. Are you ready to get the help you need? Yes!

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