Nutrition and Health Consultant

I help busy women over 40

get off the weight-loss roller coaster,

feel confident, independent and powerful,

transforming their body and mind

I've been helping women just like you to lose weight, start eating well, regain their energy and turn their health around since 2003.

"Just do it!" says Nike...and your spouse and your doctor.

You may even say it to yourself.

If it was that easy, you'd have already done it, right?

You'd be wearing your favorite clothes, feeling confident and conquering the world.

But you're not there, are you?

Instead, you're tired, you're overweight and you're facing things like diabetes and high blood pressure in the near future. 

I get it.

I've been helping women to change their lives since 2003. 

That's a long time.

Can I tell you a secret?

You're not a failure.

The diets and the quick-fixes are failing you. 

Fact: Our beliefs dictate our behavior.

To make lasting change to our waistline and our health
requires changing our underlying beliefs. 

It requires changing your mindset and your habits.

Can I tell you another secret?

Change never happens alone.

Change doesn't happen over night.

I know because I've done it myself and guided women just like you
through the steps to living a healthy, energetic, amazing life.

These incredible women are a part of  The Women's Wellness Academy.

They began their journey to great health exactly where you are today...tired,
confused, frustrated. They knew there was a solution and they began
their search the same way you did.
Check out The Women's Wellness Academy. Membership in the Academy opens soon. Join the waitlist to be the first to find out about Membership specials, discounts and bonuses.

You are invited to stay a while and have a look around.

You can see reviews of my services from real clients, you can read my blog, you can join my community.

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